Welcome to Bhashani

Bhashani sweets was established in 1960 from East-Pakistan and in Karachi 1979 to meet the demands of high profile customers and to produce high quality bakery and nimco products. Baking mouthwatering products requires an adamant attitude, unmatched craftsmanship and passion for perfection.
The Bhashani sweets sprinkle of Pakistani traditions in a delightful, and attentive setup that will always charm you. Respect for not only each other, but for Bhashani long history and heritage runs through the veins of everyone in the group.

Bhashani Speciality

Bhashani Cham Cham

Gulab Jaman

Malai Cham Cham

Kala Jamun

White Rasgulla

White Cham Cham


Special Mix Platter

Services We offer


Bhashani Bakery offers a handful of delicious baked cookies everyday, cookies with the finest ingredients every time!

Awesome Recipes

We work hard to create lovingly hand-crafted items that look and taste beautiful.

Tasty Cakes

Our Tasty cakes are so tasty that if you taste once you will fall in love instantly.

Our Vision

To take the leadership position as a sweet company by offering a series of innovative products to our customers

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Birthday or Wedding Cakes

Order now for the perfect cake you need for each of your special occasions.

Our Mission

Access to the highest levels of innovation in providing products of value and safety.